lørdag 27. februar 2010



Parupu is a childrens chair made fully from recyclable paper! It is designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for the swedish company Sodra.

tirsdag 23. februar 2010

Bruno Munari


Designed in 1970 by Bruno Munari, ABITACOLO is a multifunctional structure, compact in size, in which children can read, sleep, work , listen to music, play...

Eco beautifull!

The danish furniture company Collect furniture makes this beautifull childrens table and chair, and is has  achieved the Nordic ECO-label SWAN!

søndag 21. februar 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright, Lego Style

The Guggenheum Museum made with lego, is from Lego´s Architecture collection. 

fredag 12. februar 2010

Cardboard play house

Imagine how fun it would be to colour this whole house, and fill it with tiny furniture! It´s designed by Javier MARISCAL for magis.


 These boxes from Adonde come flat with directions on how to build them, you can stack them together, hide things inside, store crayons, you can also get several colors and add them together! it would look great on a drawing table, and I think kids would love putting it all together. Offcourse it would look good in my office also!

torsdag 11. februar 2010

morning wishes


I was wishfully looking at the twentytwenty store while drinking my morning coffee, and thought I would share some of my favorites. The Hang it all Coat rack by Charles and Ray Eames has been on my christmas list for years ( maybe next year....) I just can not stop loving it! The Baby chair by Ben af Schulten for Artec is birch veneer and comes in three colors. Then I found this storage trunk by Javier Mariscal made by Magis, and this I must try to get for my shop! It´s so hard to find nice storage for toy´s and this would look amazing anywere, would gladly have it in the middle of my livingroom!

On my wishlist from Wishbone design

I love these bikes from Wishbone,  it can be used from age 1 using three weels,  you rebuild it later and it becomes a balancing bike with two weels. It also has two levels, so is can be usen untill age 4! And it´s beautifull, check out their great webpage!

Etsy finds

I like these clothes by Muku, take a look, Here.

torsdag 4. februar 2010

Etsy Shop is open!

I just opened up my Etsy shop were you can buy prints from my Artsy Fartsy collection, come visit!

mandag 1. februar 2010

Blackbird, Fly


I Like the look if this! It´s a " Toy Kamera" Similar to lomo´s Diana or Holga but this is a Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) camera, meaning that there are two objective lenses: One for taking the photograph, and one for the waist-level viewfinder.  And it uses 35 mm film so it´s you can get film ofr it anywere. Read more about the Blackbird, Fly here

Studio Ditte or Biri?

I have been thinking about putting up some wallpaper in Edith´s room, If money was not a part of the decision making I would go for one of these two....... Biri or this one from Studio Ditte