onsdag 20. januar 2010

when you were small

This beautifull book was illustrated by Julie Morstad, you can visit her website to see and buy her wounderful drawings,  nice.

Edith´s room

Here are some photos of Ediths room, The artwork is from my Artsy Fartsy collection, a series of images I made first of all for children, but it is constantly growing and is not just for kids anymore, take a look at the collection so far,  here.

Pez on show

David Delfin and Gorka Postigo´s amazing home is filled with inspiration, if yo are so lucky to have a kid that collects pez toys, here is a beautifull way to display them! I think I might start collecting myslelf just so that I can have them on a shelf across the wall like this!

torsdag 14. januar 2010

Leif. designpark

I found these wounderfull childrens chairs on my friends site,  playmedesign (its amazing by the way!) a while back. They are from a design firm based in Japan, called Leif. designpark.  I hope the come to Norway soon!!

Railway border

The railway border is from extratapete and is like a giant sticker for the wall. it as a small village with a train running through. I think it would look great along the floor of a room.


A child's camera packaged as a kit of parts serves as both teaching tool and social medium. The Bigshot camera is used in shools around the world to teach kids about photography. Hope it has come to Norway be the time Edith starts school!

Rocking Chair

The Rocking chair from PT design, comes in lot´s of different colors, we have the green one in our livingroom.  It´s Edith´s favorite place to sit and watch her Pippi Longstocking dvd!

Danish Mobiles

I think any Baby would love to lay in their bed and look up at this!

Changing trunk


The Changing trunk for changing baby diapers, changes itself into a reading bench, with storage space for toys when the baby is a toddler. Nice. It´s made by Kalons studios.

Non-toxic baby bottles

Not only do these baby bottles from Lifefactory look great, they are made with BPA-free glass so they are also non Toxic and eco friendly!

Baby Spoon from Donkey Products

Yellow wooden airplane baby spoon, to make eating even more fun! If you live in Norway you can find them at our shop Tante Guri in Oslo.